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Independence day for the two Indias(part 2)

Can I ever survive on my good past?

Can I ever leverage all my life just because I belong to a decent family?
Then how does a nation can always look good with fantastic history, but a dubious present and a future supposed to be like this-
(a few days back,i got this message)
Indian Newspaper Headlines in 2060:- 
(1)Kasab dies at 90 in jail of high cholesetrol due to too much biryani. 
(2)Golmaal Part 27 is released. Tusshar Kapoor is still unable to speak or act! 
(3)Sharad Pawar owns half d world. 
(4)Facebook is declared a country.
(5)A Raja's son is arrested fr 16G scam. 
(6)A girl in Delhi travels 50 feet safely 
(7)Munna Hazare (nephew of anna)sits on fast for Lokpal bill.
We talk about our love for our country , may be for its amazing past.Saying this i remember the dialogue of Aamir Khan from "Rang De Basanti"(something about past and future :P)
But I have an interesting thing to share, which describes my concern precisely.A few days back, i came to know about this site-"omegle"-talk to strangers.
My mind said-"go try it :P"and i did as the name is, you talk to some person, a random stranger, and talk about whatever you people feel like.
It go as:
my first chat was-
ME-f n u?
STRANGER-f, loc?

my second chat
ME-how r u?
ME-22,m, india n u?
(what if i lied? the person cannot see me)
strange, isn't it?

my third chat
ME-22,f india, n u?
STRANGER-23 m india
STRANGER-what's your name?
ME-giya n u?
(you must never give your true details on internet until you are sure about the person)
STRANGER- nice name, my name is abc
( i don't remember :P)
after a few min talk, i said, it got disconnected.
(i don't know HOW :P)

my fourth chat
ME-22,f india, n u?
STRANGER-23 m india

(thank-you to some nerds.)
This provoked me, no wonder, i haven't done anything for my country till today, but that doesn't mean i can never.
I asked google again-the problems in INDIA and found this link -
Can you imagine surviving on just Rs 20 per day?
Many of us spend many times that amount on maybe a snack every day.Yet, 836 million people in India live on Rs 20 a day. That's right. 836 million Indians, according to a recent government-commissioned study, live on Rs 20 a day. That is all they can afford.If it costs more than Rs 20, 77 per cent of this country's population cannot afford it.
This is the unfortunate reality of the resurgent India. Lost in the glowing terms with which we are described in the international media, lost in the glory that India has joined the ranks of the world's economic powers, are India's Real People.
I logged into my facebook profile where I read :
Hamara Bharat mahaan???Ek aisa Desh Jaha...............Pizza Ambulance se pehle ghar pahuchta haiJaha Car Loan 7% or Education Loan 12% haiJaha Chawal Rs.40/kg me milta hai aur sim card freeJaha Log Durga ki pooja karte hain or ladki paida hone par uska khoonJaha Olympic Shooter ko gold medal jeetne par sarkar 3 crore deti hai or Dusra Shooter jo border par dushmano se ladte huye shahid hota hai use 1 lakhSach me hamara bharat mahaan hai.Is Status ko Itna Post karo ki apna "PM" bhi Ise padhe

On the disappointed note, far away from reality, I realized that there are two Indias which really exist- one on the papers and other on the reality. I have no question to lit a fire till I am prepared to burn these problems, but with this post I really salute the people, the real indians, who, on everyday , fight for their next day.



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