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i think, i just got lucky :)


Delhi, the national capital territory of India , since its long age , is a
place full of experiences. Not just that it is the capital of World's
largest democracy, Delhi is a powerful package of experiences, public
display of power, a chaotic place for the strangers and beyond...

With all kinds of dreams, aspirations and autonomy , Shalini decides to
explore the possibilities amongst all opportunities...

Part 1

During my stay in Delhi... In that small span a lot had happened in my

I was staying as a paying guest in south-ex locality of Delhi. I knew pretty
well that i was there just for a i wanted to spend my time in a
way... That i could enjoy to the fullest without leaving anything, i wanted
to do. I just wanted to be a freak atleast to make decisions for me

After my class, i used to leave from my center in any direction i want...
Each day i will choose a few places...visited them. And be back by
7:30...then walks in the neighbourhood area... N then in room by 9.

Wow... Seriously...its truth... South-ex Delhi is a heaven for people who
love to shop well, eat well and want to be a part of an amazing crowd.

Well, on such a similar day...i was on my way back to my pg, from karol
bagh.,,it was already 8... And for a small city girl like me, it was a big
deal... But after all my efforts i just couldn't help myself in the metro...
delhi metro... No matter how much service they provide... In working hours
its like... Yeah-yeah...population is seriously the most important issue we
need to cope with...

After so many attempts, finally.. with the wave of people or i must say with
the flow...i was inside the metro. I took a long breath...thinking-i will be
in room my bed...sleeping peacefully...
But my dreams were short lived, soon i realized, there was a guy standing
next to me... Not missing even a single chance brush his arm against mine... I
wanted to slap him right there and then. But i was so tensed...because i knew it
well,,,that in a few mins i will get a call from my mom asking me if i am
inside my room...if prepared for the lecture... "Shalini, the
only reason you chose that course is because you need freedom"
it doesn't suits girls from reputed families to stay out till late...
What if something happens?? What if it doesn't work right? Thousand such
questions grilled my mind, my peace was almost on the verge of death

i mean...yes her concern is right...she cares for me, she loves me and maybe
she know this world better than me...but mom for God sake just spend one
evening this way...and you will love it...this independence...freedom from
other's thoughts, their beliefs....

The only person you reply to, is you, yourself. i think everyone must have at
least one month of vacation like this.

Well coming back to me...the guy came nearer and nearer, and my mind was
somewhere else... I felt so uncomfortable...i asked the guy to keep some
distance. But i think he was drunk. So i kept my mouth shut and hands in
control... The resistance i needed to stop myself from slapping that
drunkard was increasing with each second but then, suddenly i realized
someone holding my hand. I was numb...
Even in that crowd...where the only thing i needed to do was tell the people
around me about the person...

I didn't...
Firstly-because i needed to reach my residence(obviously the paying guest
facility) on time, no time for distraction( as if i was driving that metro)
secondly-that guy was drunk( and i believe that there's no point arguing
with two people- a child and a drunk person)

so this someone held my hand. And pulled me in his direction... And don't
know why i let him do so...
And there i was facing this cute, dashing guy... He left my hand,keeping the
maximum distance possible between us... i was standing between the wall n

I just smiled...and he returned my smile with a nod, as if asking if i am
fine... And i gave him an assurance smile.

Soon, the train reached my stop... And with his help i managed to get myself
out on that very stop... ;)

i took an auto... And i couldn't help myself from smiling...i haven't even
asked his name, haven't even thanked him...and that smile we shared,when we
were standing on the opposite sides of metro gate....

it was such a nice gesture...

A week later i decided to visit my friend during her lunch break...we
decided to meet on Rajeev Gandhi metro station...i reached there, and she
asked me to come to narula's. And there i was standing on don't know where
looking around to find a trace of nirula's.  i found everything ccd,
dominoz...but nothing close to nirula's.  i was standing there as a lost
child...looking in all the directions...without taking  even a single step
anywhere.  i asked the people around...but everyone was in so much hurry...
That i just wanted to stand there and shout-can't you even see me. But then
i heard a voice-someone saying...go straight from here, stairs and...
I looked for the source...and  there he was standing, smiling that same
sweet, calm and lively smile...

He started telling again...and then dumped the idea...and asked me to walk
with him... I was walking with this amazing guy,smiling like a weirdo...even
after trying so hard,i couldn't suppress that smile.

Finally we reached. Pointing in direction of nirula's he said-your
destination...and then he smiled( god not again...not tht smile again,
thankgod he said something but what...God i was focusing that much on his
expressions that i forgot to listen)

he said again- "i am Avinash."
i somehow utter the word-"Shalini".
He if asking for the permission to leave.
I said-"thank you" "nice meeting you ( and then adding my best
smile ) TWICE."

he said-" pleasure is all mine"
and smiled..........GOD...

What had happened to me, God??? Help please help.

He was gone... and with time I just forgot all this..

(to be continued...)


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