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i think, i just got lucky :) (Part-2)

It was a sunday morning...i woke up at there was a big day ahead. Finally i left my place at 9... it was friendship day…so,  i was going to see Delhi haat with my friend Arti and her boyfriend Sameer... Have always heard so much about it...was dying to see...

Entering in there was a totally different a place...with so much art and much to be admired.

 There were different shops for different states, dispaying their finest work. after a few hours, We  finally decided to treat ourselves... we settled for the south Indian….

we  were waiting for our meals  when a small boy came to me, and gave me a small box…I asked him about it…he just smiled and ran away….

We were shocked, but like every other girl,I love the gifts,(and the best thing about gifts are- unwrapping them,without any hint, about what it could be) there were so many thoughts rushing in and out of my mind…
what if it’s a bomb(but its so small and cute ;)
what if its for someone else???
Finally it was totally unwrapped and there was a small yellow bottle key chain(smallest I have ever seen),and there was a small stick inside it…I was looking at it in amazement …Sameer took it from my hand…and after looking at it for a few sec said-“Shalini, who is Avinash”?
I don’t know what he was talking about…so looking at my stupid expression he gave me back my gift…and I saw…in that yellow bottle was a rice grain, not a stick…and my name was written on it….
And Sameer rolled the bottle….now we can see the other side of the grain…and there it was written-“AVINASH”
I was shocked, and then out of nowhere he came in front of me….
And our conversation was somewhat like this-
Shalini-WHAT?????????? What are you doing here? and What is this???
He just smiled  
(But this time I was more shocked then amused.)
Avinash-“”hey…how are you? Well I am also quite shocked…wherever I go…you are there?
Are you following me??””
(And then he smiled again….)
(I cooled down a bit…
And smiled….)
Shalini-“Hey…that’s my line…okay?? :)
Avinash-“okay ji , whatever you say, 
you liked the present???”
Shalini-“yup! its wow…. But why????"
Avinash- "aah…. i was here with my friends…and I saw you.… and i had this thought-we have met twice…and the only thing I know about you is your name…and today is friendship day…why shouldn’t we both have a new friend today?? And this was the best gift I could get for my friend” 
Shalini- “well that’s really sweet…but are you trying to impress me?? ;)
Avinash- “naah… if you want I can have it back…but there’s a problem…” 
Shalini-“What problem??”  :O
Avinash-(taking out a similar key-chain from his pocket) ” I have an exact copy…what will I do with both J”
Shalini- “What?? You do the same for every girl you meet??”
Avinash-“well, no whenever I meet a girl…I get one of this type…and gift that to her…but this is the first time, have got a copy for myself”
(I had no idea what to say)
 Shalini- "Delhi has population of 1.67 Crore…and still out of all these people…we met thrice…are you really following me?"
Avinash-"naah… but I would love to… " and then his friends came,he introduced us,and we asked them to join us
And they did… 
And this was amazing….he has just finished his MBA and has joined his father’s business.
We exchanged our email ids and left 
Not even 5 minutes have passed, and I got a ping on my bb. 
He has mailed-“Nice meeting you thrice” 
And I replied-“pleasure is all mine ;)”

As they say, When something has been planned, it happens at any cost , no wonder what so ever the constraints are

Shalini, even in her rarest dreams, would have never thought to conversate with Avinash, who happens to be a mere alien , somebody that crossed her way in the most unimagined way...

In a worldly place that is jam-packed with over 1.7 crore people
- where every second guy appears to be a stranger
- where the life scrolls faster than the speed of light
- where every individual just do not have time to look around
- where every 2 km you find the rarest range of strangers

Such things happened... And they continue to happen everyday
Delhi seems beyond the imaginations....


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