Thursday, 30 August 2012

welcome to our world...

Welcome my princess... To our your world...
Taking you in my the best thing i have ever done in my life. Its the feeling that has no comparison... A sweet ,little, beautiful life in my arms... These small beautiful eyes...these small sweet-cute hands... I puposely tickle on your that you hold my hand...and the way your small finger wrap around my finger it seems that i got all the happiness of this world... But you know what my baby...i want this happiness for you...when you cry...i can do anything-anything i could to make you smile again...
When you are asleep... I want to see your eyes... The way your lips curl to smile the way you cry..that my favourite sweet little noise... And when you are awake...i want to see that calm little angel sleeping peacefully...

now people are saying bad stuff about having a girl... But you must know my baby...they are all stupid...
They don't know how special you doll... Your mom and your grandmothers are also women...and they are the reason we live :)
we are so proud of you my baby... And i want you to be proud of your papa.

With all my love,

yesterday i got this message...
i hope you people will like it too.
A couple made a deal the night on their wedding to NOT open the door of their room to anybody who comes knocking in the morning for any reason.

In the morning the parents of the husband came & knocked on the door, the husband and the wife were looking at each other & as they agreed before , they didn't open the door.

After a while the parents of the bride came knocking at the door to check on them, the couple were looking at each other , then the bride dropped a tear and started crying , she said : "I cannot keep them knocking & not open the door, I miss them already"

The husband didn't say anything & he let her open the door for her parents.

Years passed & the couple had 5 children, the first ones were boys & the 5th was a little girl.

When she was born the father was extremely happy that god has blessed him with her, & he made a celebration for her in grand style, people were so amazed with his joy & his happiness that they asked him, why are you so happy with her more than you were before with her older brothers?

He answered simply: "She is the one who will open the door for me"

Baby girls are the comfort of the eyes of their father...

They hold the key to their mothers hearts...

Daughters are really unique. They care for their parents even after they are married...

You don't simply hear of daughters abusing their parents...


Monday, 27 August 2012

feelings on stake, but for illusion???

yesterday my sister asked me- why i haven't written a proper end for my story-"i think, i just got lucky"??
and i replied-"shalini and avinash have exchanged their email-ids, now there's no need to take it any  further..."

It really speaks the truth of today, seriously, the on-line thing has become the on-life thing...
if you have someone's can contact them...and once the person got your message...there is no stop....
ids to phone numbers, numbers to just a matter of few weeks...or if you are flirt enough...just a few days may work.

have seen it so many times, you met a guy online for the first time, by any were classmates, have a common friend...or even if you don't know them...
    there's a huge population of guys...saying this... even in your first chat...


What a joke...

today while surfing net for the pictures for my next post, i saw this lone...the one have posted first...a hand having the bouquet......coming out of screen,
and then this pic...
i still remember the day, when i have seen this movie...not because it was good( which it was), not even because of the storyline( which is really a must watch) but because, it was the movie, that has affected me so deeply...
i am myself a dreamer, and i respect people in love...i agree that love has no may fall for what...if you haven't seen the person, what has love got to do with looks???
there may be so many things that you don;t like about him/ what??? compromising happily is the other name of love.

i know...i know... "love is not about finding the similarities, but about respecting the differences.
but you know what...your feelings and emotions are really precious, so,just take out an hour and half...for yourself...before making someone the part and parcel of your life... 
David Schwimmer is one of my favourite actors...and he is the director of this movie... and truely-truely i am thankful to him, on behalf of all the girls, for making this movie,

Is there is an Internet active young person in your life that you care about? If so, Trust should probably be on their list of movies to see. 

A suburban family is torn apart when fourteen-year-old Annie (Liana Liberato) meets Charlie, a high school volleyball player from California, in a chat room. Charlie and Annie begin sharing photos, texts, tips on how Annie can make the team, et cetera. Annie, like so many young girls, begins quite an infatuation with Charlie. She then learns he lied about his age. He's really a 20-year-old. Then he lies again. He's really a 25-year-old. And guess what? He lied again..  Shocked into disbelief, her parents (Clive Owen and Catherine Keener) are shattered by their daughter's actions and struggle to support her as she comes to terms with what has happened to her once innocent life.

.click here to watch the trailer of the movie-TRUST

yes love is the most wonderful feeling in this world...the talks, the affection, seriously the starting of a relation is always breath-taking.... but is it really worth it???
think about it....

talking about this,i remember...a few days back...have read someone's status on was -"Dear Social networks, happy that people are indebted to you for creating a virtual charismatic world,you are as good as food to them, but you teach to do social, not to be social.."
aren't we stepping away and away from our real lives, towards an illusion???

no matter we accept or not, there are a number of  negative effects that an online predator has on a person, or his family.

love you :) today, tomorrow and forever :)

my angel,
we love you :)
today, our doctor asked us, if we want to know if our baby is a boy or girl...and we said- only thing we want is, our baby to be healthy. :)
but soon we were struck, no matter what we think, what we bought, we want to know it... we were buying  toys for you..and we don't know what to buy...a barbie or a robocop ??

                                                       a frock or a tee??
a pink bed sheet or the blue one??

so finally we are going to ask the doctor...

with loads and loads of love,

my princess,
we are so happy...
our little fairy :)
we love you so-so much

papa xxx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

The heart knows how I feel to be a father...

That's how you grew up series

My dearest angel,

Lots of love 

today we (me and your mom)got the greatest news of our lives...we are going to be parents are coming to our lives-"OUR SWEET LITTLE ANGEL". Well, this came to us as a surprise,actually truely speaking we were shocked.

We have been married for a year now and soon you will be here,-the sweetest gift of God... Getting all our love, and turning our lives upside down :)

From the moment we got this news,all we can see in this world is- babies and babies.
Those sweet little feet running everywhere...i don't know how God creates those small hands which seems to be the most delicate thing in this World.

We have informed your grandparents,and everyone is so happy...

They are partying and we are so scared. Its a real turning point in our lives. I really think it is .... 
Will we be able to handle all that?? Taking care of you?? "A sweet, little, delicate life, like a flower"

Well, i know your mom will be always...but will i be able to be "THE DAD"??? The father??the head of our small little family???

When i asked papa (your grandfather)  he said- "you will make an amazing father". But will i?? 
Will i be able to fulfill all your requirements??will i be able to protect you from anything and everything that may hurt you?? Will i be able to nourish you??

i don't know, 

but My Baby, there is one thing i am sure about- i love you and your mom very much. And i will try my best to be the bestest DAD in the world...

With lots and lots of love,


P.S.- may be being a girl, i could understand the feelings of a mother in a better way...but i hope have done justice with this one. There are many more to come...

Friday, 24 August 2012

i think, i just got lucky :) (Part-2)

It was a sunday morning...i woke up at there was a big day ahead. Finally i left my place at 9... it was friendship day…so,  i was going to see Delhi haat with my friend Arti and her boyfriend Sameer... Have always heard so much about it...was dying to see...

Entering in there was a totally different a place...with so much art and much to be admired.

 There were different shops for different states, dispaying their finest work. after a few hours, We  finally decided to treat ourselves... we settled for the south Indian….

we  were waiting for our meals  when a small boy came to me, and gave me a small box…I asked him about it…he just smiled and ran away….

We were shocked, but like every other girl,I love the gifts,(and the best thing about gifts are- unwrapping them,without any hint, about what it could be) there were so many thoughts rushing in and out of my mind…
what if it’s a bomb(but its so small and cute ;)
what if its for someone else???
Finally it was totally unwrapped and there was a small yellow bottle key chain(smallest I have ever seen),and there was a small stick inside it…I was looking at it in amazement …Sameer took it from my hand…and after looking at it for a few sec said-“Shalini, who is Avinash”?
I don’t know what he was talking about…so looking at my stupid expression he gave me back my gift…and I saw…in that yellow bottle was a rice grain, not a stick…and my name was written on it….
And Sameer rolled the bottle….now we can see the other side of the grain…and there it was written-“AVINASH”
I was shocked, and then out of nowhere he came in front of me….
And our conversation was somewhat like this-
Shalini-WHAT?????????? What are you doing here? and What is this???
He just smiled  
(But this time I was more shocked then amused.)
Avinash-“”hey…how are you? Well I am also quite shocked…wherever I go…you are there?
Are you following me??””
(And then he smiled again….)
(I cooled down a bit…
And smiled….)
Shalini-“Hey…that’s my line…okay?? :)
Avinash-“okay ji , whatever you say, 
you liked the present???”
Shalini-“yup! its wow…. But why????"
Avinash- "aah…. i was here with my friends…and I saw you.… and i had this thought-we have met twice…and the only thing I know about you is your name…and today is friendship day…why shouldn’t we both have a new friend today?? And this was the best gift I could get for my friend” 
Shalini- “well that’s really sweet…but are you trying to impress me?? ;)
Avinash- “naah… if you want I can have it back…but there’s a problem…” 
Shalini-“What problem??”  :O
Avinash-(taking out a similar key-chain from his pocket) ” I have an exact copy…what will I do with both J”
Shalini- “What?? You do the same for every girl you meet??”
Avinash-“well, no whenever I meet a girl…I get one of this type…and gift that to her…but this is the first time, have got a copy for myself”
(I had no idea what to say)
 Shalini- "Delhi has population of 1.67 Crore…and still out of all these people…we met thrice…are you really following me?"
Avinash-"naah… but I would love to… " and then his friends came,he introduced us,and we asked them to join us
And they did… 
And this was amazing….he has just finished his MBA and has joined his father’s business.
We exchanged our email ids and left 
Not even 5 minutes have passed, and I got a ping on my bb. 
He has mailed-“Nice meeting you thrice” 
And I replied-“pleasure is all mine ;)”

As they say, When something has been planned, it happens at any cost , no wonder what so ever the constraints are

Shalini, even in her rarest dreams, would have never thought to conversate with Avinash, who happens to be a mere alien , somebody that crossed her way in the most unimagined way...

In a worldly place that is jam-packed with over 1.7 crore people
- where every second guy appears to be a stranger
- where the life scrolls faster than the speed of light
- where every individual just do not have time to look around
- where every 2 km you find the rarest range of strangers

Such things happened... And they continue to happen everyday
Delhi seems beyond the imaginations....

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

i think, i just got lucky :)


Delhi, the national capital territory of India , since its long age , is a
place full of experiences. Not just that it is the capital of World's
largest democracy, Delhi is a powerful package of experiences, public
display of power, a chaotic place for the strangers and beyond...

With all kinds of dreams, aspirations and autonomy , Shalini decides to
explore the possibilities amongst all opportunities...

Part 1

During my stay in Delhi... In that small span a lot had happened in my

I was staying as a paying guest in south-ex locality of Delhi. I knew pretty
well that i was there just for a i wanted to spend my time in a
way... That i could enjoy to the fullest without leaving anything, i wanted
to do. I just wanted to be a freak atleast to make decisions for me

After my class, i used to leave from my center in any direction i want...
Each day i will choose a few places...visited them. And be back by
7:30...then walks in the neighbourhood area... N then in room by 9.

Wow... Seriously...its truth... South-ex Delhi is a heaven for people who
love to shop well, eat well and want to be a part of an amazing crowd.

Well, on such a similar day...i was on my way back to my pg, from karol
bagh.,,it was already 8... And for a small city girl like me, it was a big
deal... But after all my efforts i just couldn't help myself in the metro...
delhi metro... No matter how much service they provide... In working hours
its like... Yeah-yeah...population is seriously the most important issue we
need to cope with...

After so many attempts, finally.. with the wave of people or i must say with
the flow...i was inside the metro. I took a long breath...thinking-i will be
in room my bed...sleeping peacefully...
But my dreams were short lived, soon i realized, there was a guy standing
next to me... Not missing even a single chance brush his arm against mine... I
wanted to slap him right there and then. But i was so tensed...because i knew it
well,,,that in a few mins i will get a call from my mom asking me if i am
inside my room...if prepared for the lecture... "Shalini, the
only reason you chose that course is because you need freedom"
it doesn't suits girls from reputed families to stay out till late...
What if something happens?? What if it doesn't work right? Thousand such
questions grilled my mind, my peace was almost on the verge of death

i mean...yes her concern is right...she cares for me, she loves me and maybe
she know this world better than me...but mom for God sake just spend one
evening this way...and you will love it...this independence...freedom from
other's thoughts, their beliefs....

The only person you reply to, is you, yourself. i think everyone must have at
least one month of vacation like this.

Well coming back to me...the guy came nearer and nearer, and my mind was
somewhere else... I felt so uncomfortable...i asked the guy to keep some
distance. But i think he was drunk. So i kept my mouth shut and hands in
control... The resistance i needed to stop myself from slapping that
drunkard was increasing with each second but then, suddenly i realized
someone holding my hand. I was numb...
Even in that crowd...where the only thing i needed to do was tell the people
around me about the person...

I didn't...
Firstly-because i needed to reach my residence(obviously the paying guest
facility) on time, no time for distraction( as if i was driving that metro)
secondly-that guy was drunk( and i believe that there's no point arguing
with two people- a child and a drunk person)

so this someone held my hand. And pulled me in his direction... And don't
know why i let him do so...
And there i was facing this cute, dashing guy... He left my hand,keeping the
maximum distance possible between us... i was standing between the wall n

I just smiled...and he returned my smile with a nod, as if asking if i am
fine... And i gave him an assurance smile.

Soon, the train reached my stop... And with his help i managed to get myself
out on that very stop... ;)

i took an auto... And i couldn't help myself from smiling...i haven't even
asked his name, haven't even thanked him...and that smile we shared,when we
were standing on the opposite sides of metro gate....

it was such a nice gesture...

A week later i decided to visit my friend during her lunch break...we
decided to meet on Rajeev Gandhi metro station...i reached there, and she
asked me to come to narula's. And there i was standing on don't know where
looking around to find a trace of nirula's.  i found everything ccd,
dominoz...but nothing close to nirula's.  i was standing there as a lost
child...looking in all the directions...without taking  even a single step
anywhere.  i asked the people around...but everyone was in so much hurry...
That i just wanted to stand there and shout-can't you even see me. But then
i heard a voice-someone saying...go straight from here, stairs and...
I looked for the source...and  there he was standing, smiling that same
sweet, calm and lively smile...

He started telling again...and then dumped the idea...and asked me to walk
with him... I was walking with this amazing guy,smiling like a weirdo...even
after trying so hard,i couldn't suppress that smile.

Finally we reached. Pointing in direction of nirula's he said-your
destination...and then he smiled( god not again...not tht smile again,
thankgod he said something but what...God i was focusing that much on his
expressions that i forgot to listen)

he said again- "i am Avinash."
i somehow utter the word-"Shalini".
He if asking for the permission to leave.
I said-"thank you" "nice meeting you ( and then adding my best
smile ) TWICE."

he said-" pleasure is all mine"
and smiled..........GOD...

What had happened to me, God??? Help please help.

He was gone... and with time I just forgot all this..

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

so what if i love to shop???

Had a super exciting day, and sometimes I really find it unusual that my excitement or the happiness for the day didn't come through place, place or things, it actually came with an activity, a lovable passion, a desire , and above all- a phenomenon. Yes... A crazy phenomenon :)

As my daily food, when I logged into facebook in the morning, the eyes walked straightaway to a pair of beautiful stilettos that appeared on the page.

I may have fallen in love at the first glance,  may be that's why the only thing I started was googling(sorry surfing). I wonder if the google had a pain killer today for being so glued into my love, for  my continuous search for the variety...
well, frankly speaking i am not like that each day,there are some days when i see something , i like it, i admire it...and i forget about it. Although  there are also the days when I am happier to eat google's head for hours and hours, for searching different stuff across the online stores and then to take a genuine feedback from the buyers.

The road to my craze doesn't end with the selection of stuffs, it actually starts from here to nowhere :):)

i order them...I pay for it. And once this is done, the mind starts its interrogation... It is the inquisitiveness
-What if the size is wrong??
-what if i haven't given the right address?
-have i paid too much??
may be i could get them for some little less amount offline..or at someother store.

Fighting all the odds, answering almost all difficulties, comes the day when the courier boy knocks our door and he has a good looking packet in his hand.

I take it from him, not even bothering to sign the docket properly, i speed to my room, closing the door,  opening the pack... And then finally setting things to try them

i try them on... get 100% satisfied, i go them off to everyone coming in my way... I realize that all the worries during the process have already disappeared somewhere and i am on the seventh heaven :)so isn't it worth spending a few grand...??

there are times when i go to store to buy some stuff and i end up buying the stuff that i have never heard about before, what? you want to know how will i use them...ask me...i will give an explanation that you haven't ever heard.
people shop when needed and i shop when i like something...

i go to a store and i take a tour of all the things they have...i love trying new stuff...after all life is the other name for change.

after filling my basket...i think about what i can afford...and at some rare times when i don't have much,then anyone near me can sense my heart break...

 what if i am broke?
what if i lost my job?
what if i can live without the stuff?

still i will shop.

i am thankful to the new technology...but please please someone block these sites from my screen...i know i can afford, still i can't buy...there's so much i need to save for...block them...block them...please someone block them.

i am saving for my future...where i can live my life independently...where i can pay for anything i may need...and then i saw this board...


and here i am, buying stuff it costs less, so why shouldn't i get the varierty... one more- one more...yeah i can afford one more.

coming back home, with bags in my hand...

i feel so good...
happy and satisfied with myself...
lets be happy today....when tomorrow will come, it will also be a present.

so here i am saving a little-little amount...for a future...that i am doubtful about..
but i don't care

atleast i am sure that i am happy today...

no matter how many day goes,no wonder how do i react to people, have i enjoyed my day in shopping, i feel i have lived the day
so what if i love to shop???

-Love, jags

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Independence day for the two Indias(part 2)

Can I ever survive on my good past?

Can I ever leverage all my life just because I belong to a decent family?
Then how does a nation can always look good with fantastic history, but a dubious present and a future supposed to be like this-
(a few days back,i got this message)
Indian Newspaper Headlines in 2060:- 
(1)Kasab dies at 90 in jail of high cholesetrol due to too much biryani. 
(2)Golmaal Part 27 is released. Tusshar Kapoor is still unable to speak or act! 
(3)Sharad Pawar owns half d world. 
(4)Facebook is declared a country.
(5)A Raja's son is arrested fr 16G scam. 
(6)A girl in Delhi travels 50 feet safely 
(7)Munna Hazare (nephew of anna)sits on fast for Lokpal bill.
We talk about our love for our country , may be for its amazing past.Saying this i remember the dialogue of Aamir Khan from "Rang De Basanti"(something about past and future :P)
But I have an interesting thing to share, which describes my concern precisely.A few days back, i came to know about this site-"omegle"-talk to strangers.
My mind said-"go try it :P"and i did as the name is, you talk to some person, a random stranger, and talk about whatever you people feel like.
It go as:
my first chat was-
ME-f n u?
STRANGER-f, loc?

my second chat
ME-how r u?
ME-22,m, india n u?
(what if i lied? the person cannot see me)
strange, isn't it?

my third chat
ME-22,f india, n u?
STRANGER-23 m india
STRANGER-what's your name?
ME-giya n u?
(you must never give your true details on internet until you are sure about the person)
STRANGER- nice name, my name is abc
( i don't remember :P)
after a few min talk, i said, it got disconnected.
(i don't know HOW :P)

my fourth chat
ME-22,f india, n u?
STRANGER-23 m india

(thank-you to some nerds.)
This provoked me, no wonder, i haven't done anything for my country till today, but that doesn't mean i can never.
I asked google again-the problems in INDIA and found this link -
Can you imagine surviving on just Rs 20 per day?
Many of us spend many times that amount on maybe a snack every day.Yet, 836 million people in India live on Rs 20 a day. That's right. 836 million Indians, according to a recent government-commissioned study, live on Rs 20 a day. That is all they can afford.If it costs more than Rs 20, 77 per cent of this country's population cannot afford it.
This is the unfortunate reality of the resurgent India. Lost in the glowing terms with which we are described in the international media, lost in the glory that India has joined the ranks of the world's economic powers, are India's Real People.
I logged into my facebook profile where I read :
Hamara Bharat mahaan???Ek aisa Desh Jaha...............Pizza Ambulance se pehle ghar pahuchta haiJaha Car Loan 7% or Education Loan 12% haiJaha Chawal Rs.40/kg me milta hai aur sim card freeJaha Log Durga ki pooja karte hain or ladki paida hone par uska khoonJaha Olympic Shooter ko gold medal jeetne par sarkar 3 crore deti hai or Dusra Shooter jo border par dushmano se ladte huye shahid hota hai use 1 lakhSach me hamara bharat mahaan hai.Is Status ko Itna Post karo ki apna "PM" bhi Ise padhe

On the disappointed note, far away from reality, I realized that there are two Indias which really exist- one on the papers and other on the reality. I have no question to lit a fire till I am prepared to burn these problems, but with this post I really salute the people, the real indians, who, on everyday , fight for their next day.



Well its never easy, but see here i am. I have been away from my blog for so long, can't really remember when i actually wrote 2 posts...