Saturday, 28 July 2012

Today and trust, anything in common?

In the online society world of today, where friends ,family  or even the closest siblings speak through the word of internet, facebook takes its own special space...

talking about the today's scenario....

you login to your facebook have a number of requests awaiting your response....
some of them were your schoolmates....whom you haven't talked since ages...some are the people who were in college with youvand we haven't even talked to them ever..
and there is a category of people...who don't know you...still send you request.... aand when you ask the reason...they say-'oh...i wanna be your friend...please accept my friend request...'

well there was a guy...i saw his request...and on looking at his profile...i came to know that we have a common friend....

so i thought may be i know him too...
i asked him. he sais yes.... i asked how?? he reverted 'i am sorry i don't remeber...
he tried to talk'...ignoring this -"do i know you thing"

i asked again....and finally he said-'no...i don't know you...but i want to be your friend...'

i asked myself-what should i do?
i had many options...i could ignore him(i am seriously bad at that)
i could flirt with him.
i could simply accept his request and can know him.(its always good to meet new people)hehe...lolz
i could block him.(thats he thing i can do anytime,, why not see the real him)

he messaged again.-please accept my request.

i asked-"Y SHOULD I?"

he said- trust me, i am loyal and understanding....sorrry he said loyal and trustworthy...

and i was shocked, i mean how...the hell could i believe him... and how the hell could he say so...

kk....its no big deal...he could be both... but why...and how could i trust him?
and its not just about him...have met number of people...who talk the same if trust is something you got from 
supermarket...or as a free gift with your chips...

its something you have to gain..

i mean its perfectly okay to talk to new people...making new friends...but like this??

oh!!! give me a break....

No wonder, life is facebooking these days, people are more into internet part of the friendship, but trust is yet to become a commodity, even if the world becomes a marketplace, it is not easy to trade on the trust. to the world , it might be a word , but to me, it is a world.



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  2. Strange that it took so long fo these "frandsheep" requests to come :))

  3. :) an average girl...say me...gets minimum 5 requests a month... :)

  4. no time taken...some are like...
    its a girl...
    hit-send friend request




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