Tuesday, 17 July 2012

An important conversation with yourself

There must have been some days in your lives when you really feel that you need to talk to someone, may be you keep gazing at the phone and realize that noone has called, messaged or may tried to contact you... You feel depressed?

On the other note, there also happens to be the days, when you are so busy, with the family,the friends, or the closest links, during the time, you don't want to be disturbed, even though you find that the phone is continuously ringing.. You feel as in?

Well, if I were to ask a question, what do you really feel in both the conditions?  Why would you always act the way you are supposed to be? May be the way the people want you to be, at that point of time.


Have you ever thought about taking a day off from your social life??

Have you ever thought about ignoring a call when your phone rings???

Have you ever thought about spending a day alone...just by yourself... Thinking about yourself...your life.... Or doing stuff you always felt like doing???

If not...Today... Do yourself a favour... Spend a day...or an hour or atleat half an hour... Alone...or i must say...WITH YOURSELF..

As everyone say, sometimes the best time of the day falls during the time you peacefully talk to your own self.


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