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What goes never comes back...

 Writing again on the treasured memories i had with my school, the golden phase of our life...

Going by these memories of the past, you may feel nostalgic at one point time, you may feel that why couldnt we sustain that period with us, why didnt the clocks stopped at 10:10 ,making way for a similar smile on our face... but as they say, 

it is better to be lucky for having that time spent in life, than to regret for not having that time now...

Here goes the glimpse of the time i spent with my friends, i am sure that is something everyone would have felt once in their life:

doston ka sath
har baat har mulaqat
yaad rhega humko
har pal har ehsaas

paper se do din phle serious ho jana
taiyaari na hone par hosh ud jana
agle paper ka vasta dekar ghar shikayat na aane dena
report card pe signature k liye naye naye bhne dhundna
din pde h sochk kal par dalna kaam.
akhiri din "tym kum h" khk teachr pe dalna ilzaam

agli baar ka promise kark fir ho jana mast...
kya bunk kya class....duniya thi madmast.
rona tha hum bhool gye
dosto k hum ho gye
kya physics kya chemistry message padna har waqt
teacher k jaate hi chalk ki barish
late ho jane par favourite teachers ki sifarish

teacher k liye chalk na chodna
har waqt sabne class me khelna
lecture stand me jhule jhulna
bche waqt me gaane likhna
har teacher par commentary krna
naye naye se naam bnana
daant pdne par piche se fusfusana
marks kum aane par teacher ki galti btana
chidta h teacher humse kehk ghr pe khud ko bchana

teacher k aage image bnana
padhai-likhai se hume kya karna
har bell bjte hi class se nikalna
teacher k khne pe bhi wapis na aana

naye songs sab the yaad
formulas pe nahi apni command
bhul jate h kehkar chudana apna pind
teacher ki galti hamara kya sin

and .....

it goes on....

To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it

miss you buddies... 



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