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What goes never comes back...

Life, to most of us including 'you' and 'me' seems to be a journey of phases, from being the world's favourite kid in the family, to an attention seeker in the creche , to a controversial kid in school , and of late, being the favourite nightmare in the college. 

As they say, you spend 1/4th of your life in these places, that guide you to live 3/4th of the remaining life. School, with no discomforts is one part of this 1/4th life. When a kid decides to get into a school ,he or she is told to do it with force, we cry we dissent we fall , but we are made to go, but do we ever realize that the end of this period of life is as painful as the beginning is, when we enter this place, we never ever feel that even a school can be a memory ride for the life...

While being such a multi flavoured kid, somewhere at the fag end of the school run, i also felt to dedicate few lines to my then-best buddies

Yeh pal yaad aayenge

Yun har waqt hasna muskurana,
Kisi na kisi ko harpal satana!
Teachers ko piche se harwaqt chidhana,
Unke samne aane par anjaan ban jaana!

Yun doston se har waqt ladna chagadhna,
Par kaam kabhi bhi waqt par Na karna!!!
Coaching mai chairs par jhodiyan banana,

Teachers ke muh pherne par sitiiyan bajana!
Par kabhi kissi ke hath na aana,
Chahte the bas zindagi ke maze udhanaa!!!

Tushan par chairs ke liye ladhna chagadna

road par pahunchte hi race lagana
hooting karke sabko darana
isharon isharon mai teacher ko chidana

roz nai nai shararatein karna
pakde jaane par sorry kehkar nikalna
aur phir se zor se hasna hasana
aur teacher ki acting karke dikhana.

Doston ke sath gappe ladhana,
Kaam agle din pe chodker halla machana!
Speaker ka volume tez kar padosiyon ko tang karna,
Mummy papa ki daant par udaas ho jaana!!!

Har baar wahi lecture,
Har baar apne se wahi promise!
Ab padhenge dil laga ke,
Future ki tension lage satane!!!

Thodi der ke liye sincere ban jaana,
Adhe ghante baad phir phone lagana!
Baton - baton me promise bhool jaana,
Are present to je len ,
Future ko kal dekhenge!
Chod na!!!

To my best buddies, to my every school going counterpart, to every boy and gal , who, in his life has experienced this moment of joy..

No wonder how bad entry to a school is, but exit is as memorable as it can be...

and that is not the end of the road... the memories just go on...( to be continued)



  1. School is always special, it stays an important part in the life... good one..


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