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One of my favourite lines

For the readers understanding me, in my own language..

Some of my favourite Lines... 

Ye baat samajh mein aayi nahi,
Or mummy ne samjhayi nahi 

MaiN kaise meethi baat karu?

Jab meethi cheez koi khayi nahi 

Ye chand kaise maamu hai?

Jab mummy ka wo bhai nahi 

Kyu lambe baal hai bhaalu ke?

Kyu uski trimming karayi nahi. 
Kya wo bhi ganda bacha hai?
Ya jungle mein koi naai nahi. 

Nani k pati jab nana hai.

Dadi k pati jab dada hai. 
Didi k pati kyu dida nahi? 
Ye baat samajh mein aayi nahi.

Or mummy ne samjhayi nahi. 

Samundar ka rang kyu neela hai?

Jab neel kisi ne milayi nahi? 
Jab schOol mein itni neend aati hai.
To kyu bed waha rakhwaya nahi? 

Ye baat samajh mein aayi nahiOr mummy ne samjhayi nahi.    


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Looking at yourself, have you ever felt like, this is not what you wanted to be. Like ever. And here you are standing in front of the mirror, looking at your face, thinking - is this really me now? Do i have to cope with this person like forever?
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Looking at the kids around, they have so much on their mind, they have hopes, dreams. They also look at the movie stars/celebrities and hope that they would live lives like them. Their on screen characters leave a mark on our just-blossomed hearts and minds.
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Aaah.... Guess what today i thought about several things that i want to share with you people... But i realized this needs a break...

There must be something worth writing... ;p

Was reading a novel-
In between some arguement
And the hero asks heroine- what do you want me to do?

Her reply- "i don't know".

And i wasn't able to stop myself.... I was laughing out aloud....
Truely said-how could a guy understand what his girl wants..when she herself has got no idea....
Funny but true..
Well if some guy writes this on his facebook wall...i will be so-so angry... I may even shout....what the hell these guys think...

But i know its true...i mean...we girls always know what the other person expects... What we should do...

But we are seldomly sure about what we want...
;) may be because...since early days of our lives....we keep everyone else before have lost contact with ourselves...


just a thought...

I guess the best thing i learned till that - if you feel have a war going on inside your head, you are not sure about the next step you will take...or where your life is going...where you will be , the very next day...or a week later or what you will do...So what if sometimes you feel that things are wrong...nothing is working out the way you suggested... still you will be fine...You will live by all this... many-many similar days are waiting for you...Big dreams and even bigger problems are being positioned by the almighty , just to add a little adventure...But you will live ...It will all be fine in the end...
Just be yourself...and see how beautiful a person you are... Just smile...may be just to practice it...
Because even your smile is a little tired and sad...tomorrow it will be happy...real and satisfying... Life is not about a moment...or a day...or a week...not even a year... Its about the whole...its about you... :)