Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Well its never easy, but see here i am.
I have been away from my blog for so long, can't really remember when i actually wrote 2 posts in a week, but this is what i want to do.

Every year in December i get the email that my domain name is about to expire, i let it be for a couple of days - only to renew it on the very last day. Some things are really close to your heart, this blog is one of those things for me.

I have always felt that quotes/pics inspire me to switch on my laptop and just type. So what made me go through the process this time?


Well this is my son, my baby, my lifeline. This little munchkin came into our lives some 15 months back and has really bought us to our knees :) like literally. This is his favorite place in the world(not world but the world he has seen till date). 
I have loved looking outside the window for as long as i can remember. And this is something he got from me (relief for me since his looks, actions everything he got from his papa)

He loves looking outside and i love looking at him. Things, priorities are changing , so am I. 

Monday, 8 January 2018

Count your blessings

"If material things are what you are talking about when you say i am blessed, You have no idea what a blessing is. "

Yes, its weird coming from a shopaholic like me :) but isn't it correct. We all or I must say- most of us have what we need to live our lives. Its just that we want more, something more and that list never ends.
We get something we wanted , and we develop a liking for something else. Its good to have your thoughts in sync, to move ahead, to wish and make your own wishes come true. But there is no way, those wishes can define your happiness.

One thing I learned from observing people is that we wish for these material things and act crazy for them when we believe there is something missing in the life. Something more meaningful, something you believe you should have got as a right or something you really deserve. It could be being alone, losing someone, not having that dream job, just anything.  And we use these material things to just fill in those gaps. To feel complete.

I am aware that it is easy to say but damn hard to believe in  and work upon, but this new year I have planned on counting my actual blessings, well the count is quite high just as the number of people i love, who loves me back even more.
Hmm... they all won't cross the fire for me, but I know they will wait for me on the other side with a blanket and ointment :).
<--Happy New Year-->

Thursday, 6 April 2017

And i am blabbering again :)

Looking at yourself, have you ever felt like, this is not what you wanted to be. Like ever. And here you are standing in front of the mirror, looking at your face, thinking - is this really me now? Do i have to cope with this person like forever?
Can I like exchange somewhere?

Looking at the kids around, they have so much on their mind, they have hopes, dreams. They also look at the movie stars/celebrities and hope that they would live lives like them. Their on screen characters leave a mark on our just-blossomed hearts and minds.
What we do not know till then is  that the biggest fight, disappointment, inspiration they will get from themselves.

I have always wanted to be the free spirit person, living my life on my terms, not caring about anyone around, their opinions. I thought i would draft a new bucket list every year and complete it all up by November, so that i can think about more and more. And get over with all the crazy, stupid stuff by the End of this life. And what am i doing? Trying to be happy, trying to make people around me happy, Trying hard to make things work, justifying myself and then justifying the other person in my head for my own peace of mind.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Life it is!

So many times- in our lives it happens that we feel like we have to let go of what we have in order to get something better and at other times we just have to, no return promised. At such points in life  we realize it is all about letting go… No matter how much you want things to stay the way they are, you tag along people with you, the ones you don’t want to lose, at any cost… but you later on realize, it’s the way it is. Sometimes I wish my life to be like a video game, with the controls in my hand…I could alter the things my way, could start over when I felt like, no pains would have entered my way and the happiness would have continued forever… and then a peaceful exit.
But then I ask myself, would that be even a little bit exciting? Nah
The evolution of a person from the way he/she was to the way they are a few years down the line, it depends on the path one took, the people we met, the obstacles we passed…  
What if I was too scared of this particular way, well it wasn’t easy…I would have never chosen the path I am on now?
May be that was happily ever after thingy, but I would have missed so much.

No matter how cool we act, we all have those moments when standing at the verge of disappointment feeling broken, with tearful eyes….and then…it just passes. The phase, the moment…and you meet the new you :)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Love has its ways...Marriage is one of them :p

Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you... True. 

No matter how long you search for that click, your someone special, it will happen when it is bound to happen. And there is someone for everyone-people say that. So just chill, go ahead, enjoy the days, weeks, months and years until you feel that click, and babes its gonna change after that.

Just like every other thing in this world, love and marriage have their own two sides :O you are going to break that heart of yours, before you actually have someone worth sharing it with.
People say you give your heart to someone, well that is  not just true. You will realize when you both will be learning together about your lives building into one- there is still some hurt every now and then you feel in your chest. :)
Its not giving your heart to someone, its like sharing a part of yours. 
i guess, It should be a truly wonderful feeling, having someone in your life, by your side. No matter what happens always ready to step in for you. Loving you unconditionally, accepting the way your are, your imperfections are their perfect dreams. You know there is someone, you can always look forward to, Someone with whom you can share your most dramatic side, your daring and crazy dreams.Marriage is more like a stamp to that commitment. its like having a permanent partner in crime, just not that perfect at times, maybe :) but its worth all the pain and effort as they say. 

But when talking about what we are expecting from that person, we forget that same thing is expected from us.
Marriage- its more like a basic necessity in our world :( something that you are bound to do, and matter what you want...
How come someone decided that everyone has to get married? i mean may be not everyone wants to... loving someone doesn't mean that you are ready to change it all... its a life changing decision, for both. And looking at people you can see how challenging it really is...Its like giving up everything you have for the dreams of that small little world... 

Wrapping up my rants with a prayer- i hope dreams do come true :)
(i hope it all makes sense :P)

Monday, 9 May 2016


People say something happens when it is time for it to happen, we meet people whom we are supposed to meet, we are where we are needed to be.
There are times when we want certain things in life... things that we believe we cannot live without. We ask for them again and again...but in vain, at least that is what we think. Even the strongest of us have those weak moments when the burdens of life seems too big to handle, actually it has nothing to do with strength and weakness, its just about faith and knowing that you will be okay, you can handle all the odds- else you wouldn't have been in that very spot.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is-  not think, not wonder,not imagine,not obsess...just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best. Listen to the faintest whisper of "Maybe" even if all the signs pointing towards a "No", Remember, a small leap of faith can do wonders :)

Well something that i have learned from life... as of now :) - try, try again and again...until you think there is still something you can do about it. And once you are sure that your part is done, even if the result is not what is meant to be(you wanted it to be)... just close your eyes, take a leap... and let things unfold by themselves. Just believe in yourself, rest will fall into place.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Its a loss :(

The news is all over the social media, one more celebrity suicide... Or was it a murder
Its sad, to see one more soul lost in vain. 
Death of an individual is never just about that person, its about all the people surrounding, families, friends, Aquitaines, and even the hello-hi buddies. The person has died, but the others-they have to live with the truth that the person is no longer with them.

They need to know the truth, and yes they deserve to but why cant we leave them alone,,, its like everyone has a view that they are sharing on the social media- People are taking all kind of benefits they could ever take, and even at her deathbed, their game is not over. 

Its really sad looking at how we all have turned out- the attention seekers. we cant even let the family of deceased mourn in peace. 
And for suicides, the number is rising...for us the common people as well... but why??? how come we as a society are  so weak that we cannot help our people getting over their tough times? How come all the friends that come to news conferences now, couldn't read her thoughts, couldn't help her out of the pit she was in. 

Why is it that we are so far, so busy in our lives that we don't know about the person crying in the next room. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Women's day it is !

First of all a Happy- belated -Women Day to all the beautiful, intelligent,crazy,charming,bitchy women out there :), and the people who are there for them getting on their nerves, and handling their tantrums when they need you to.

On this day, everyone was like-why? why there is a day for females :O and why not for males? don't we deserve a day of our own :O  Well guys, you gotta earn it :P

Frankly speaking i do not believe in the celebration of this one day, its just like the way our society already  is- showering them with love and prayers on one day, and barring them from all the basic necessary rights on other.
There was a time when we read stories about these weird customs, from around the world and we were could they??? and these days its so normal, like that day i read about this old Indian tradition (still being followed), where the elder ladies of the house burn the breasts of the young girls, more like hitting them in the chest with a hot -super hot wooden something- so that they do not look appealing to the guys out there with the sole purpose- to avoid them getting raped or harassed.
Well recent history has proved that it just doesn't matter who the girl is, what she is, what she is wearing,who she is with...she is just a piece of flesh for the guy eyeing for her.
And as per the statistics its not just about being a girl , even  boys are not spared. (We do need a men's day for that matter)

Is it even a bit humane? Are we still not ashamed of ourselves? Well i am.

We as women do not, i repeat- do not want any additional rights...all we want is the equality. We want the same basic and additional rights in our dear society. We want to be able to roam freely whenever we want to, where ever we want to, with whoever we want to, wearing what ever we want to, without being called a slut and getting stripped/tortured/harassed through the eyes, to say the least.
Is it something we can get, then lets celebrate this day/week/month/year whatever you say, else just stay out of the way.

Monday, 29 February 2016

And one more year has passed...

Yes, Now i am almost done with one more year of my life :) its not sad or juice-less as it sounds. It has been heck of an year. Its like i have really lived these 365 days or 8760 hours, as i must say. I feel like i have grown with each minute of it. 

I am more close to my parents, my siblings, have more understanding of their griefs and happiness. Have got to know relationships, friendships,sisterhood even better, still a long way to go.

Still looking for the true meaning of this life, i have wandered to several places, within or out of this city. i have acted like a total maniac, super crazy, calm as a monk. Its like trying to write my own future my way to  letting the time and fate take over.

I am still asking the same old questions, just my expectations- answers has changed.
Like, even when i was in college, we friends used to ask each other, what will you do if something happens to me?
and our expectations were-"Don't be like that(dramatic of-course), we love you, i won't let anything happen to you...blah blah blah.
And now what we expect is. First and foremost-->First Aid and then informing brother/sister and not the parents directly, to have each other's emergency contact numbers at hand.

Its like we have a better understanding of how things actually work, its like being familiar with letting go of things, even your favorite ones. Its like we care for each other but in our own practical ways, while taking care of the deep shit we are in by ourselves. 

Talk, talk talk...i so love to talk. So this one year too i dedicate to my talking. i hope in the coming year of my life, I talk more, travel even more and get what all i deserve :) as i believe i have already waited enough ;P
Cheers to the next year :)

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

And its valentine again

Valentine is just around the corner, and this year too it will be a day of celebration for me,  i am gonna get a bouquet and a present for my parents,for their  marriage anniversary.
frankly speaking that is the wild card i have, kind of a back-out plan.

Sometimes i feel that this whole month of February makes me sad, as if it is meant to be just for couples. People are giving roses, chocolates, teddy's and what not, I don't mind looking at some slaps or kicks, but that are seldom :( . Going out on one of these days makes you look at yourself in the mirror and make you wonder: what is wrong with me? It feels like everyone is with someone, enjoying, gifting, playing, dancing.
And with that i wonder what my future-better-half is doing right now :O is he too busy celebrating, or is he too sitting in his cozy room watching re-runs of his favorite TV shows.

Truly speaking, being single is amazing, when i look at the perks of being me...i fell more and more in love with myself, my life. Its like the perfect fairy tale, living my life on my terms, no drama, no one to answer to(i mean of-course except parents), parties whenever i want, or a lazy day just because i feel like it and so spacious. No one to hide stuff fr
om, no one to point out even if you have 5 pairs of the same shoes. And i think if being single is so much fun, why do we bother if we are single? actually why do people make you bother about your relationship status.

i have always been one of the dreamers, believer of one true love...and it should be okay if it is still not time.

Anyways i have everything figured out, celebration of the big day- will order pizza, have cold-drink in my favorite wine glass, and watch re-runs of friends.
its gonna be awesome, i mean apart from the few long breaths and sighs :P

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bucket List

Life is kinda crazy and steady at the same time. After sitting idle for some time, my mind got on the same old track- thoughts, thoughts about anything and everything. This post is the result :p

There is one question I ask myself again and again, and once again- If I die today/now , do I have any regrets?
Each night before going to sleep, like everyone else I look forward to the coming day, dream about the amazing future to come. And at the same time I ask myself this same old question. And I make sure the answer is no. I know for sure that once I am done with this life, I am done. There is no way for me to come back and do something else, apart from some surprise visits to my friends- just to haunt them, you know-every once in a while.

But this time I gave myself the privilege and got this listing done- stuff that I want to do/experience before I die. These are not things that I will regret if I miss, but doing them will add to the pleasure of living J.

Here it is:
            Spend a Night in a Tree House
·         Give a Shelter Pet a Home
·         Stay in an Overwater Bungalow- well i did walk underwater, i am good
·         Travel Overnight Alone
·         Travel to another country alone
·         Promotion i deserve- many more to come :P
·         Job Switch
·         Run a marathon
·         Try frontline jobs for the experience
·         Go scuba diving / snorkeling and experience marine life up close
·         Go skiing
·         Get a heartfelt surprise from someone
     Own a house and a car
·         Fly in a hot-air balloon
·         Get a drink from a stranger
·         Go on a road trip
·         Learn Salsa
·         Play a musical instrument
·         Fly first class
·         Go on a cruise
·         Fall in love.  Be in a conscious, fulfilling relationship 
·         Go to a costume party and dress up as your favorite character
·         Visit Eiffel Tower at night
·         See NY night life
·         Walk on/with the Great Wall of China
·         Learn Swimming and then Swim with Dolphins
·         Spend a night in a park- stargazing.
·         Try tequila shots, champagne
·         Night Out
·         Skydive
·         Be a member of the audience in a show 
·         Watch a live comedy show
·         Watch a live play
·         Plant a tree
·         Dance carefree- Disc Party
·         Write the novel you know you have inside you.
·         Attend one rock concert.
·         Create your own Web Site/Blog.

 I am sure i am gonna add much more to this list, until the day i die,  I just hope- i get to cross some of these.


Well its never easy, but see here i am. I have been away from my blog for so long, can't really remember when i actually wrote 2 posts...